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Why Trip On Me?

I’m a passionate traveler and love sharing my adventures. Every country, city and neighborhood around the world brings me closer to cultures, people and designs that otherwise I wouldn't see. With each trip I return reenergized and filled with creativity and design ideas. Many times friends from all over the world would ask me for travel suggestions and tips so that made me think that I should share these with a broader audience, there are so many of us "wanderlusts" in this planet, so let's share the good stuff. So I created Trip On Me. 


Because of  life in general I travel constantly, and because of that I plan my life around trips all over the world with my partner. I've had the good fortune to experience living in several countries—Mexico, Singapore and U.S. during different stages of my life. Currently residing in San Francisco but every month I'm on a plane going somewhere. Always finding an excuse to grab my passport and jump on a plane.


Contributor to Google City Experts in San Francisco, TripAdvisor and Outword Magazine in Sacramento.


"They should tell you when you're born: have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel" - Gabrielle Zevin


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