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Punta Mita is beautiful. But why should you visit Sayulita too?

Visiting the Mexican Pacific’s Punta Mita requires a visit to Sayulita

Every year I need a relaxing tropical vacation, just for a few days or a week. Last year we explored Punta Mita for the first time and we had such an amazing time that this year we just had to go back there and live the Mexican Pacific lifestyle once more.

There are not many hotels in Punta Mita, which makes it exclusive and at the same time quiet and relaxing. Surrounded by the Pacific jungle of the Nayarit State, just north of Jalisco, this is a protected reserve with thousands of palm trees and vegetation.

This time I wanted to explore another resort and see it through the locals’ eyes. It was time to visit the St. Regis Punta Mita. Like I said, there are only about five exclusive resorts in this small area and whenever you are at any of these you don’t really see other hotels around you, you can’t even imagine them being around. The feeling of seclusion takes over you.

I enjoyed the St. Regis in a different level from what I had experienced Punta Mita before at the Four Seasons. Not to focus too much on the hotels, as either or would guarantee a great stay but the St. Regis felt more local, more interaction with the locals and the people working at the hotel so that made a difference.

The best about this hotel is that they indeed have an adults-only pool and that makes a huge difference when you want to relax, listen to the waves breaking in, watch the sunset and only hear the wind and take naps throuhout the day without the concern of kids throwing sand on your back as they pass by.

There are some local options to check out and this time we went to Sayulita, “Pueblo Magico”, just thirty minutes from the hotel. With the Sierra Madre mountains serving as a background. This is a very well known town by surfers all over the world, even though is still a fishing village it hosts a great number of surfers from all levels as the waves here seem to be perfect for that. Just by watching them from the beach you can tell they are passionate about it, there were at least three dozens of surfers in the water that day.

Sayulita has attracted a very interesting crowd, seems like they are running away from chaotic cities like New York, Mexico City and San Francisco. The local vibe is very relaxed, new chic boho with tons of artistic inspiration. Many of the local shops are owned by these expats and instead of imposing a new style in town they weave in their inspiration and style with the local Mexican style of Nayarit. A very organic and thoughtfully curated selection of fabrics, pottery and furniture that just make you want to sell your home, move there and be a minimalistic Mexican expat.

The style seems so easy, vibrant and relaxed at the same time, connected with nature and with the way the locals work. There is a lot of construction, at least when we were there, and looks like locals are investing more and more in this pueblo. However, it’s at that point that still feels magico, with cobbled-stone streets, kids running around the main square, surrounded by cozy improvised bars serving all sorts of tequila and taquerias where you can talk to the locals and get a feel of their lives.

It’s a fishing town, combined with the adrenaline that surfers bring from all over the world, with simple but exquisite food and that feeling that you’re transported to the 1980’s in Mexico. I felt that way, taking me back in time when I used to visit the then upcoming Puerto Vallarta with my family.

So don’t get misguided, it was a very relaxing atmosphere staying at the St. Regis but that would have been just another resort if it wasn’t by its surroundings, the Nayarit jungle and the magical town of Sayulita.

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