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This Summer's NYC happening spots

Finally, Summer is here.

Right in the middle of the Summer I am lucky enough to go back to my second home (without an actual home), in NYC, and find all these new spots that I fell in love with.

There's so much to do in Manhattan and this time I spent most of my time in Meatpacking District because of work and still was able to find very trendy places to share with you.

The High Line

We discovered this awesome attraction last year but never had done it in the Summer. Best park in NYC. Walking through the streets and admiring a combination of architecture, gardens and historic railroad tracks that were used back in the 1900's to transport flammable combustibles in and out of the city. More biergartens and restaurants are opening alongside, including the newly opened Whitney Museum.

Chelsea Market Right by the High Line the Chelsea Markethosts diverse shops and restaurants, from specialty stores, to taco stand, to Anthropology and headquarters of big tech companies in NYC. It does get a little crowded during the weekends so my suggestion is to hit it on weekdays when it's enjoyable walking through these historic brick and steal buildings

Budakkan Remember "Sex and The City" movie? Yes, Carrie had her rehearsal dinner in this beautiful and decadent restaurant. We sat downstairs, same spot as Samantha, and had a wide selection of food as we were doing family style. The food is to die for, really unique fusion of flavors. The decor is elaborate, with enormous chandeliers, impeccable woodwork throughout the space, it just feels very trendy and cool. Did I mention amazing cocktails? Bourbon drink was just perfect. 

Barbuto Delicious! Must have the roasted chicken and pasta is also amazing. Great location with a very cool and refreshed vibe. Had a fantastic dinner and would recommend to anyone! 

Rosemary's Great find in the middle of Greenwich. Stopped by for a quick lunch and had many small dishes and all of them were so good. Cool and hip restaurant with excellent service, eclectic and cool decor and the bathrooms are the coolest. Perfect for a hot summer day in NYC.

The Tippler Must do while in Meatpacking district. Local bar in a basement with tons of character, good cocktails and good selection of beer. The best is to go there with friends and hit the Photo Booth after a couple of drinks. Priceless pics! 

Dream Hotel First time staying at the Dream Hotel in Downtown. Location is super convenient as it's smacked right in the middle of the Meatpacking District. Really cool design and the style in general is very trendy. The hotel has plenty of bars so it can get a little too much over the weekends with parties going on everywhere. The pool is nice, small but nice and the weekends are usually packed with pool parties. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the party mode but if you want something more chill and relaxing then this is not your hotel.

One World Observatory I had been waiting for years for this to open to the public after observing over the time how this impressive smart building was taking shape in the middle of Downtown. It's an understatement to say it has the most impressive views of NYC and probably the World. This is the tallest building that I've visited and the way that it's designed it reminds us of the past, makes us aware of the current World and gives us hope for the future. The restaurant on top is like a tourist trap but I must say its bar is really well done and cocktails are worth the $17 cost. Book your tickets in advance and avoid standing in line, makes a huge difference and just enjoy the views.

Onassis By walking in Soho we stumbled onto this great store and apparently they even have a store in SF. Very cool raw and rustic space with trendy, clean and light clothes. Perfect for the Summer in NYC, very SF-styled and prices were reasonable.

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