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Elevating the Vegas experience

After being absent for about three years in Las Vegas, I finally returned this year to a new and energizing city… not to mention whimsical and amazing with an experience that I must share with you all.

I used to spend a lot of time in this town for work until a few years ago, I even lived at the Bellagio for three weeks while working on the creation of a new fine art gallery at the “O” theater foyer. And I liked it, it was a cool town but hectic, messy, cheap.

After working there for many times, I could only go there for that, to work. To be honest, I got to the point of missing it and wanted to go back to the excessive sexy way of living in Vegas, with a new outlook.

This time I was determined to do it right! Soon enough I convinced my peeps to join and go with my plan which included a stay at the Wynn, a day by the pool, Jennifer Lopez concert and of course some gambling.

What a difference, the city has changed. I was so happily surprised with a new expanded airport with a brand new terminal — well done! It was so much easier to go through the airport without tons of crowds and mess. Traffic seemed to be more organized and streets better laid-out.

A real experience seeing the Wynn entrance and knowing that you’ll be staying there for the weekend. Since walking into their lobby and tree-filled courtyard I felt that I was with Alice in Wonderland. So whimsical and so colorful, just two of my favorite things in a grown-ups place. It’s not an overwhelming hotel and casino, it is big but still feels intimate somehow and I must say that service is impeccable as well as attention to detail, something that I usually experience in boutique hotels but this time at a much larger level. True sustainability.

This weekend we stayed most of the time at the Wynn, why leave? the pools were awesome in hot summer days, I recommend that you rent a cabana for the day, its worth it. Restaurants were all on point with great food and diverse options. Gambling was fun and shopping was the best. For this and more I can only recommend one way to do Vegas, stay at the Wynn.

Vegas is a city to be experienced, most of the times with our five senses, so much creativity and experiences that we have to do and this is why the city has changed and it’s not only a city to be seen, but to be part of it and experience it.

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