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Where to find the best swimming spots in Sydney

Sydney was the perfect place to spend hot Summer days.

I’ve been writing about the great trip I did this year to Australia and saved the best for last. We want to travel, see and experience new places and also there comes the time when you just want to chill and relax. So this city is perfect because there’s no need to go to a spa or have massages or expensive places, just head out to the multiple beaches and public pools available.

This is what this blog is about, relaxing and hitting some of the best spots to do that. My favorites below.

Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool

Probably the most accessible pool in town, in particular for tourists like us. It’s located right in the Botanic Gardens off of Mrs Macquaries Rd. It’s a public pool by the water and locals hang out there all the time. It will cost you about $10 USD to get in per person, if not less, and you get access to the olympic-size pool and locker rooms to change. Grab a lounge chair, lay on the deck surrounding the pool or just hang out there.

Many of the swimmers there are kind of pros so when you pick your swimming lane make sure to choose wisely so you don’t get ran over by other swimmers. Don’t worry, there are all levels of swimmers there so you don’t have to pretend to be Michael Phelps.

A minus point is that they don’t sell alcoholic beverages at their restaurant, only snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, so no beer by the pool.

Bondi Beach & Icebergs

Bucket list checked! I had been dying to see this pristine-blue-water beach. My favorite one in Sydney and maybe Australia. So many Instagrams have been taken here.

The beach is a popular spot for locals to surf, big waves, I almost expected to run into Chris Hemsworth or Hugh Jackman riding those crazy ocean waves, but not. It’s a long beach and it does get crowded, specially during the weekends so plan on that.

Right next to Bondi Beach is the super famous Icebergs Pool, another public pool that fills in with natural ocean water by the breaking of waves on it. Impressive. I don’t know how they do it but the water is so clean and deep blue.

Grab your spot on the beach, walk around, check out the local restaurants, buy a souvenir, admire the coolest graffiti works and jump in the ocean. The ocean is something to be careful of, just take precautions, and yes they have shark spottings there every now and then. Just saying, it’s all good.

Coogee Beach

Another great beach on the West coast of Sydney, just a few miles South of Bondi. There is actually a trail that you can take to walk/hike all the way from Bondi to Coogee and I think it takes 2+ hours to do it. I’m saying I guess as we didn’t do it but the views from south of Bondi are amazing and I’d like to go back and do this hike.

Coogee is a little less busy and touristy than Bondi, more locals, it has that local feel. Not as big as Bondi, still has a great beach and big waves. The bay is a little smaller so surfing is not that popular there. Restaurants all around there, and you can perfectly spend the day there, get a sandwich and some beers and spend a relaxing day by the water.

Manly Beach

Interesting to know that the name originated when the British first settled on this coast and that was the impression of the natives, “very manly”. It’s only a quick ferry ride away or a short drive North. Whatever you prefer, both are really easy and close from Sydney Harbor. What I liked about the drive to Manly beach was going through North Sydney which is a more residential area with beautiful views of the harbor, almost like an Australian version of Marin County in SF. Homes are really spectacular.

As you get to the beach area you’ll notice that it’s a happening place. Feels like South Beach (Miami) with hot days, restaurants, bars and shops and everyone walking on the streets in many different directions. There are many activities happening here during the Summer with water sports, surfing, hiking.

We took a hike along the coast (where we found yet another natural pool by the beach) and couldn’t help to wonder what it would be like to have a home right there, amazing. For sure you need to check it out and spend the day there, they have a lot of touristy places but you can find some good food a little bit further away from the crowds. Beautiful ocean, beach and weather.

That’s why I say that Australians know how to live the best Summer, with so many options to cool down and fight the hot days. There are unlimited options to enjoy the water in Sydney, I’m sure that I didn’t even scratch the surface and for next time there I know where to start and continue discovering more. It is truly a great way to enjoy Australia and Sydney, Summer time.

After a few blogs on Australia I think I have captured most of the adventures there and every time I think of this trip I can’t help to go online and start looking for airfare next year. Yes, it is that great of a place. My destination of 2016 for sure. Thank you Oz!
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