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Why Croatia may still be a secret.

Things to know after spending a Summer vacation in Croatia’s Game-of-Thrones-themed port. Yes, I felt like a Lanister.

My best finds in Dubrovnik while walking on travertine streets and a centuries-old walled-in city by the Adriatic.

  1. I think we don't hear enough about Croatia and because of that I consider it the best hidden treasure by the sea in Europe, it’s a must go.

2.Quick enough to get there, one-hour flight from Zagreb, Croatia if you're making an international connection.

3. Walled-in city that was under siege just back in 1991. Fully renovated, and back to normal, even better than in the 90’s.

4. Surrounded by Adriatic sea, some could even consider it prettier than Mediterranean.

5. Best time to visit is June, July and September. Avoid August unless you are good with crowds and really hot temperatures, but again, just jump in the Adriatic and cool-down.

6. Many places where to stay, stay close to the Old Town. Our hotel was The Excelsior Hotel by Adriatic Luxury Hotels, best view of the Old Town from travertine terrace on Adriatic.

7. Use Airbnb as a resource to find rentals in the area, many options but not that cheap. Still worth exploring Airbnb as the hotels may not accommodate all your needs as they are catching up to the needs of current international traveler.

8. Staying within the walls of the city is expensive and could get very hot as walls protect the city from everything, even breeze. But it doesn't get more authentic and charming than that.

9. Great seafood, also Croatian and Montenegrin food. Taj Mahal Restaurant is definitely worth visiting.

10. So many islands around, take a $10 boat ride to Lokrum Island, getting off the boat take a left and go around the island and you’ll find the nude beach. Only FKK standard, no clothes, no cameras. If you're up to it this is an amazing island that almost feel deserted and the hikes around it give you amazing views of the town.

11. Great restaurant under the trees in Lokrum island, best spot to chill and have beer.

13. Buza bar in Old Town is so much fun at sunset, watch the locals diving into the Adriatic from the top of the city wall. Scary and priceless to see.

13. Lokrum Island, did I mention that one already? visit!

14. Take the funicular from Old Town to the top of the hill. Best views of Dubrovnik, the islands, Adriatic and very interesting museum on the 1990’s war. If you're into history this is a great museum to learn more about the Yugoslavia war and how Dubrovnik was able yo survive despite many circumstances against it. Croatians are resilient.

15. Walk the wall, best to do early morning or late afternoon in the Summer, gets very hot during the day. Plan on doing an hour of walking at least and see all the different spots of the city from the top of the wall. Great views and you feel transported to the times when this wall was the only protection for the town from invaders.

16. Cool down at the multiple water fountains in Old Town. You can drink the water as well, just like you do in Italy.

17. Jump in the Adriatic sea, not many waves and blue as I can only remember. So clean and so pristine, feels like a pool but with amazing beauty.

18. Great wine, even winery tours available in the area. I'd recommend hiring a personal driver to take you to some of the wineries perched on the cliffs around Dubrovnik.

19. Chocolate seems to be a great souvenir too. For some reason we could find it anywhere and it was popular with locals and visitors.

20. By all means, do not take the ferry from there to Bari, Italy. Skip the hassle, there’s nothing romantic about it or luxurious. Lesson learned.

21. Enjoy life in Dubrovnik, those were long hot Summer days with great mediterranean food and endless crystal blue Adriatic waters.

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